Count to Ten

April 3, 2010
By , needham, MA
“Close your eyes and count to ten,
It will all be over soon” he said

I counted to five, skipped to seven,
But I felt it past two-eleven.

“Don’t you worry, it will all be okay,
As long as you listen to what I say.”

I listened and followed his heaving words,
Each phrase more painful than his sword.

“Don’t take it away, get out of my head,
I don’t want this” I said

He laughed and chuckled so dark and deep,
The ground shook underneath my feet.

“Please just stop and let me breath,
Get out of this room, please just leave.”

He silenced my cries with the sound of his drum,
My body so dead I finally felt numb.
I drifted away, let everything fade,
I woke up in darkness, alone in his shade.

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