Our Years Together

April 3, 2010
Looking back on our years
I start to feel hot tears
They pour down my face
Because I remember.I remember this place
I remember for the science fair we built that machine
And how they called us nerds and were really mean
I ignored them but you were weak
You hated when they called you names like geek
After one extreme mean joke
I think you just broke
I remember those tears and you wishing you were dead
Me being scared and drowning in the tears you shed
People rumored you drowned in the pool
Only I knew you had tied the rope and jumped the stool
Your last words sre still ringing in my ears
"It's time I face my fears"
Since then, you don't know how many tears I've shed
And you don't know how much my heart has bled
All because of thoses guys
Who pick on you when they're high

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