The Urge

April 3, 2010
Everything about you
makes my heart go on a rush.
The way you smell,
the way you look,
the way you make me laugh;
it gives me the urge to fall apart
in your arms, and kiss you.
Yeah, it’s silly to hear...
but in reality it’s my feelings;
my emotion, my truth, my reality.
It’s so real for myself.
Every time I get “the urge,”
I shrink away...
scared of the countless possibilities,
and my torn, frigid heart.
The thing is... I know that
somehow you life the same reality;
you feel the same way.
Why is it that we have these
beautiful urges and emotions
towards one another, but we don’t
relinquish them?
I just want you.
That’s all I need:

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