Than To Never Have Loved At All

April 2, 2010
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He is so amazing
He walks and I’m gazing
At his perfection
He may be awkward and shy
But its misdirection
I’ve seen behind those blue eyes
And I know who he is,
Oh I know the real him

Sweet and kind
A brilliant mind
And I’m thinking
He’s perfect for me
Dreaming of what could be
A first dance
A taken chance
Even though I know
Ill never get a glance
Into his heart
Forever apart

His perfect voice
An involuntary choice
He can never look back
Our history falling
Fading to black
Feelings for him
He’ll never know
What will I do then
After he goes?

All will be forgotten
When the sky is falling
I hear his voice, calling
But its merely memory
He won’t return for me
But when I’m all alone,
I still dream of a home
One where he is there
Everyday, everywhere
It will never be more,
But that of a door
Opening to a dream
That can never be

My heart is beating
As I listen to vibrations
Of those guitar strings
That he strums so well
And my fingers are shaking
As I shake his hand goodbye
Forever, no more, and I let it fall
Better to have loved and to lost,
Than to have never loved at all

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