Never Forgotten

April 2, 2010
The pain from your death still shows,
more than you will ever know,
I only knew you for a couple short years,
just thinking of you fills my eyes with tears,
the scars from your death will never heal,
and the pain i feel i cannot conceal,
I wear my heart on my sleeve,
and every day I grieve,
I know your in a better place,
but i wish you were here with me,
there so much i wish you could see,
its just so hard do deal with your death,
every morning I take a deep breath,
and prepare to face the day,
knowing the memories are fading away,
all the time i spent with you,
emotionally closer and closer we grew,
you left me on my own,
im dealing with this misery alone,
I just wish you were here today,
I wish things didnt turn out this way...

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