"Silent Whisper"

April 21, 2010
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The smell of your cologne still lingers -
The shadow of your arm around my waist.
The kiss that only you can give
Is still the sweetest taste.
The warmth you hand can giev,
The memory of your voice I can't hear.
The whispers of your name unspoken
Brings feelings I wish would disappear.
The ghost of your eyes still haunt me.
You face still stay locked in dreams.
A silent whisper I can't ignore
That drowns even the loudest screams.
The gentle touch no longer there
Is a memory I wish would fade.
With a grip that keeps me up at night,
I can only say your name.
A touch, a kiss, a simple whisper. .
All of them echo with your sound
Pulling out a past I would rather forget.
Especially when you're not around.

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