Teachers and students You Got To Keep Your Head Up

April 21, 2010
By LcplShannon PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
LcplShannon PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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Some say the darker the day, the boring the day
I say the thicker the book then the smarter your IQ
I give a holler to my teachers who are the preachers
We listen and bare, even if we don’t care
And I know gangs like to beat us down a lot
When we come around the teachers shout a lot
But please don’t give up , read that book, never let up
Forgive but don't forget, students keep your head up
And when your friends tells you you ain't nuttin they’re nuttin so don't believe him
And if friends can't respect you, you should forget them
Cause students you don't need them
And the teachers ain't tryin to gas us up, we just call em how we see em
You know it makes teachers unhappy (what's that)
When we make jokes , and leave a teachers to feel useless
And since our smarts came from a teacher
Got our skills and smarts from a teachers
I wonder why we take from our teachers
Why we disrespect our teachers, do we hate our teachers?
I think it's time to push for our teachers Time to graduate for our teachers, be real to our teachers.
And if we don't we'll have bad day of school and play
That will hate the staff, that will make them become hurt inside
And since a man can't help them
We has no right to tell a teacher when and where to ask one question
So will the real teachers get up
I know you're fed up teachers, but keep your head up

Keep ya head up, oooo students papers are gonna get easier
ooooo students grades are
getting brighter

Aiyyo, I remember Mr K, used to sing to us
He had us feelin like smart was tha thing to plus
And suddenly tha school didn't seem so tough
And though we students had it rough, we always had enough
I huffed and puffed about the we do
Ran with the friends I knew, and had a detention or two
And I realize the teachers really paid the price
They nearly gave their life, to teach us right
And all I had to give them was my college dream
Of how I'd did the work , and make it to college screen.
I'm tryin to make a piece of paper out of work
It's hard for teachers because of our lil smerks
And in the end it seems I'm writing with that pen
I try and find my friends, but they're growing trying to be men
Last night my buddy lost his homework, you see
It's gonna take the teacher in them
to conquer this sdh insanity
It seems tha work will never let up
We try to keep our head up, and still keep from caught up (sleeping)
You know it's funny when it rains it pours
They got money for uniforms , but we can’t walk out the door
Say there ain't no hope for the youth and the truth is
there is hope for our future
And then teachers wonder why student are crazy
We blame our family and friends , for trying to help us when we are most distressed( in school)
We ain't meant to have fun, cause it's a setup
And even though you're fed up, Students and teachers you got to keep your head up

To all the teachers having crazy students in there room
I know it's kind of rough and you're feeling like you can’t wait until June
Students long gone and your left all lonesome
Thank the Lord for friends , even if nobody else likes them
Cause I think teachers can make it, in fact, we’re sure
And if you fall, stand tall and comeback for more
Cause there isn’t nothing worse than when your students
wants to know why there teacher don't care anymore.
A hand without a friends , feeling helpless
Because there's too many things for teachers to deal with
Hurt inside, but outside you're looking ready to teach
While the hurt, is rolling down feelings
Students study hoping grades don't fall down this week
Cause if It did, we couldn't take it, and we would say Ill just blame me
We were given this work we didn't make it
And now our grades are getting better and better and mad
From having the all that work on our shoulders
While us students are getting closer and closer. We’re still trying to hold to close friends when its over
And it's crazy, it seems the work will never let up, but
please... teachers and students you got to keep your heads up

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