Special Someone

April 21, 2010
I think about this girl every day. Every night and morning I kneel and pray “please God give me the courage to ask her out today.” For I have no bravery nor thoughts to ask her. When I try to, I stand to believe that she is too good for me. I sit and ponder what to do. Should I quit on this girl and stop behind like a fool or should I stand tall; doing everything I can to get her on my side, so my life wont be so dull. I mean this girl is cute, funny, smart at best. She is the most beautiful girl that not any man shouldn’t test. That man should be loyal and should make her feel strong. I don’t believe that me and her belong. But if I took that step, if I took that chance, if I took that strong move, then I’ll have something to prove. I would prove that she is my girl, and I would preve that I would protect her in my arms.
Is she going to say yes. I don’t know. But I can’t keep my feeling too low. I want to show her how I feel. To make my dreams of her real. All I want is her in my life just to make her feel like she picked the right man. even thought she leaves me later, I know that I have the guts to do anything for a new girl as much as I can. But for I still have no thoughts or backing down. She is everything that a guy would want without doubt. I write about this to remove all the denier that I did on her, All the times I almost had her but my thoughts of her saying no reoccur. I wont let her go, she is already locked in my head. As my family always said pick that girl before she is taken then you WILL feel dead.

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