human being

April 21, 2010
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WHY didn’t I see this coming?
WHY didn’t I open my eyes to what
was in front of me?
She was like a close friend to me.
That “girl” called me emo
She said I needed help
But I guess I shouldn’t blame
her that much, I mean if I
think about it now, I probably would think I needed help to
But I wouldn’t go and tell someone that
I’ll do my best to be her friend and let her know there is someone who wants to be your friend, who cares about you.
No one knows what I been through
No one knew I didn’t live with my mama for most of my life
No one knows why I’m this way
No one knows why I’m tryin to have the best things like everybody else
I honestly thought I could trust her
But I was wrong I’m always wrong
Everyone keeps putting me down
But you know what I’M DONE with it
I take things to heart
I try to get over it but I’m not that type of person
I don’t fight
I don’t cuss
I have dreams
I’m just like everyone else a human being.

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