Time Doesn't Stand Still

April 21, 2010
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Wind make the leaves of the trees whistle
The hollow soul of the earth cannot continue to thrive
A silent cry makes me fall to my knees
I look up
I see nothing but a black cloud, closing in on me
Time seems to spin around me, like a twirling hurricane
I am so confused, so lost
Words he said to me, encircle my heart
Dreams we had together,crash to the ground
The tears don't fall
They evaporated when he took my soul
Life doesn't stop though, not because it went all wrong
It spins, and spins,
Its a carousel, moving up and down, around and around
Without ever asking if just maybe, its gone too far
I'm ready for it to end, ready for time to stop
Maybe if I just stop living life, It will all go away
But no, that is only an exuse, only a cover-up
It doesn't change the fact that he is gone, it doesnt change the fact I am all alone,
It just lets me sit alone, thrive on the pain, and slowly lose my sanity
I have to get up, look at myself in the mirror
And just know that I am better than that
Better than he was, better than we were together
More determined to be something in this life,
And know that Time doesn't like to stand still

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