I Wish I Could Be With You

April 21, 2010
By Anonymous

it's best described as finding that song,
which you've spent ages looking for,
but then you realise you can' get it,
because the price you can't afford,
the disappointment inside as you turn around,
and walk on through the door,
all you wanted was that one little song,
that and nothing more,
for me right now i only want one thing,
and that is to love her,
but it just never seems to happen,
i wonder why i bother,
but she's the one that should be imne,
for me there is no one better,
and i would do almost anything,
to finally get her,
it just never seems to happen,
my love burning up in flames,
then it floats back to the ground,
my heart's falsely made claims,
i try and try to love this girl,
but my efforts are in vain,
maybe i'm just not ready yet,
so i am the one to blame,
my heart does not feel it,
what i want it to feel,
all i've wanted all along,
is to love someone for real,
i cry each day just wishing for her,
my wounded heart she would heal,
and how i would love her forever,
maybe it'd be surreal,
it's like i'm fighting a losing battle,
and i'll never get to win,
i just cannot force this love,
and i've tried everything,
i guess i'll have to leave,
throw this in the bin,
i could never love this girl,
so i might as well give in,
so i'll wave the white flag to surrender,
to show i admit defeat,
i had the dream to be with her,
but she'll never be with me,
i only want to fall in love with her,
the best girl you'll ever meet,
but fact is fact and it'll hurt,
that we will never be.

The author's comments:
this poem describes the situation of wanting to be with someone you love but not being able to for whatever reason. Published as anonymous as i have doubts over whether this is good enough.

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