eyes as one

April 21, 2010
Everyone in my family has different color eyes; by looking at our eyes you can tell the different personality with in us. My step dad’s eyes are like a brown grizzly bear. He may look mean and tough but with in him, he is super sweet and is very caring, be care no to get on his bad side. Skater boy aka my brother Zach has green eyes. By looking at him you think right away that he is a bad kid who gets into a lot of trouble but if you look close enough he is a good student, is amazing at drawing, and little kids love him. You always see little kids jumping on him like a playground. Cole still is trying to find out who he is, his eyes say it all. Andrew on the other hand, his eyes are light blue but you would not know that because he always has books in his and a very heavy backpack. My eyes are like the sunset. They change colors on what mood I am, or what color shirt I am wearing. My mother’s eyes say it all about her. She is like an OCD freak, but I love her to death. She always has to have the house clean and it has to be done her way. The color of her eyes are green, just like the fresh spring grass.

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