Perfect After All, is not so Perfect

April 21, 2010
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Does everyone have a perfect family?
Well I don’t.
I have had many ups and downs

But mostly downs.

Life for me is not like a roller coaster
More like Giant Drop
But it will not stop dropping.
From my parents getting a divorce
To being attack by a vicious Bobcat,
From my mother getting remarried
To the time my little brother was born,
From the pain my father has put me into
By seeing him every Sunday
To not even calling me anymore,
He just took me out of his life
Like taking out the daily trash,
From the time he forgot about my birthday
Not once nor twice but three years in a row
To the time he didn’t tell me that he got cancer.
I had to find out on my own,
By finding out that he replaced me with his step grandkids.
Now it’s time for me to realize to let it go
Let the past by the past and move on,
I need to move on.
Now this Giant Drop is not dropping anymore
It is more like going up.
I’m hanging with better people
Doing my homework
I am getting right back on the horse.
I have been told that I am not smart to do anything
Nor will I get far in life,
Well I am going to show them what I really can do.
From prefect family
To not so prefect family
Is better than not having a family.
The real question is do you have a prefect family?

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