Adventures Up North

April 21, 2010
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On the four hour long car ride up north,
I saw monotonous grey asphalt underneath the rows of traffic.
Four kids squished in the back with comfy pillows,
our IPods, cell phones, and two cans of Pringles.
The uniform rows of trees never ended as we sped by.

When we arrived, an 80 year old wooden cabin was waiting.
Inside, a picnic table and a rusty sink, a wall with pictures of deer and wildlife,
two small rooms with quilted beds and walls that didn’t go
all the way up to the ceiling.
An old, musky smell filled my nose but it was comforting.

By the end of the night the table was scattered with a deck of cards displaying
the Corona logo on the back, and pop cans with spills of their contents underneath.
The next morning we awoke to the dewy grass
and stepped outside to the warm sun beating on our faces.

A canoe ride across a placid and peaceful lake,
stroking the paddles back and forth until our arms felt sore,
we floated exhaustedly out of sight.
The laughter and shouting from the six of us
echoed across the sky like we were being mocked by people miles away.

Later on we swam through the blue water, a feeling of
refreshment overcame our overheating bodies and pink sunburned skin.
At night time, the blazing bonfire made the Smores marshmallows bubble
and the crackling from the burning wood joined our laughter.
The next five days were nothing shy of the same, the most fun days of my life.
It was a happy end to summer, and a memory I will never forget.

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