When We're Ten Feet Tall

April 21, 2010
By alexcollective BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
alexcollective BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
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Everything was new to me
Being in Michigan
But I found something familiar
Inside my lost flower picked from the woods
We’d meet through the tall tall grasses
And as we joined hands
Stepped down into the rabbit hole
And with the tall tall grasses
We’d be blinded by the rolling smoke
The lights of the ceiling become stars
And we lay on a tuft of cotton
Viewing the indoor galaxy
And we’d take car rides
Our long time personal favorite
Ostrich races, they’d feel like
Then once night would fall
We’d visit the zoo again
Before reaching ten feet tall
Waves of sound enveloped us
Throwing us into deep space
And it wouldn’t be long
Before the cattail and lake would be there
Right after we’d been ten feet tall

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