My First Camp-Out

April 21, 2010
By , Barrigada, Guam
My induction was over,
And I headed my way to Andersen Base.
As I was changing inside the car,
I had already felt the excitement.

My heart was pumping fast,
At last I got to my destination.
I bid farewell to my parents,
And I waved goodbye as I was picked up.

After surpassing identification issues,
I finally reached my goal.
As I got down the car,
I was ready to head to my tent and have fun.

I knew I was going to sleep with my brother,
Which wasn’t new to me after all.
I fixed my belongings and documents,
I went outside started my first camp out.

As the night began to appear,
We all gathered up for our devotion.
The preaching hit me and thought to myself,
“I am a blessed person and loved by God,”

The following morning came,
And my brother and I woke up.
I kept hearing the splash of waves,
While my brother asked me to follow him.

After taking a walk with my brother,
I headed my way by the beautiful beach.
The rising sun caught my attention,
I decided to stare until the sun appeared.

My day was just beginning,
But time went by really fast.
We were all able to swim and relax,
While the others stayed in the shade and ate.

It was our last devotion,
And I enjoyed the message.
I was able to recall the fun episodes,
Thus wanting to do them again.

It was time to pack up our belongings,
And I got ready even though I was exhausted.
This first time experience may have been my “first,”
However, I will surely treasure it in my heart.

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