Forever Would Be The Infallible Eternity

April 26, 2010
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I'll make my final promise this second.
I promise to find you that word.
The one word that's going to explain this all perfectly.
I can't promise what language the word will be,
I can't promise you'll ever hear it,
but I promise you, with every ounce of blood in me,
that I will find it.
I'll breathe it through my lips as a last breath if that's all I can do,
but for what is infallible, comes the inevitable,
and the inevitable, is the broken promise.
The shock that shifted the Earth,
the one thing that set it off.
The key to that lock, the key that never should have been found.
That key that was used as a weapon,
that killed everything that had been protecting that lock,
and the key that opened that d***ed door,
that key that unleashed hell.
For now my lost darling,
a description is all I've to offer.
But, as said, that word will be so much more efficient.
I promise you this word will immortalize us.
Your name is the sweetest broken sound that's ever been in my mind,
and I want you gone.
Your remains shower every thought,
and there's just no way to clear you out.
One day, as I finish gathering your remains into one neat pile,
them alone will create our word.
A dream of mine, is to create the perfect eternity.
The unshakable.
There won't be a key.
There won't even be a door.
There won't be walls.
It'll stretch across forever,
there'll be nothing there to tamper with it.
For now, your name is the only word.
Your name is my shaken, broken, sad word.
I let go. You let go. I don't know where you are.
But you, are eternity.
And nothing can take you.
Not death,
not any key,
not any weapon.
You're forever.
But forever isn't mine.

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AshTree said...
Nov. 14, 2010 at 4:14 pm
You are a great poet and I just love the poems on here
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