yelling cursing the darkness

April 26, 2010
By , farmington, CT
Yelling cursing the darkness
Oh flower where you went when I needed your smell your color to light the way
When now is the hour where I see the me that was hidden for so many years?
I see the me that I have repressed
The me that I killed so long ago
Hidden in a tin box at a crossroads so many years ago
I chose to leave it there
I chose this fate to wander in the darkness
With my back to the past and my face to the future
But it was opposite
It was innocence
It was understanding
It was refusal the refusal to actually peer into the dark and see that small speck of light
I could have followed
Instead I saw the flower not the light
I smelt it before
I saw it I was enticed
The enticement of possession
The flower made me want it
Made me desire it
In a few glances that flower captured my senses
In that glance that flower died
It wilted to the ground and didn’t get back up
The wandering poet came along and gave the poem
It was a poem of mourning of sorrow
But of sacrifice also along with understanding and acceptance
Tears flowed from the eyes of those who hear it
The poet walked away wandering in his own darkness
But with a little more light
The voice that calls to us in this nothingness it carries false promises
Everyone knows and we ignore
We wander in the dark trying to find our own end of ends
The finalization of something that we desired so much
That one conclusion in life that one conclusion in death

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