Always Remember

April 26, 2010
My head is spinning and my tears wont stop.
You still have the ability to control my every waking moment
With just one word. I hate it.
I want control of my own life,
But with every move I make,
I consult you first.
Don’t you remember?
The words we spoke,
The crying nights when I was there to hold you hand and dry you tears.
Don’t you remember?
I was the one there in less than three weeks.
I didn’t judge you even though I barley knew you.
And I was the one who loved you know matter what you did
Who you were
What you said
Or how STUPID you could be.
I was the one.
I was the one who took out the time for you.
I was the one who loved you every second of everyday,
Even when you were upset with me.
Don’t you remember?
Look around,
I left my mark.
I’m always there,
And you will never forget me.
When you look at that cross necklace in remembrance of your mother,
You’ll think of me.
When you go to throw those pictures away,
You’ll remember me.
When you say “I love you” to someone else,
You’ll remember that you once said that to me.
Now don’t sit here and tell me I don’t care.
Don’t you remember that I was there?
Remember the times I had to remind you to do something,
Just so you wouldn’t get in trouble.
Remember the times when you didn’t want to talk,
So we sat there In silence and I held you tight.
Now I know I did wrong and everything wasn’t perfect,
Neither of us were.
I remember the bad times too.
The times we fought,
And I could never admit when I was wrong.
The times when I was right and I knew it,
But I gave up after a while just so I could hold you close again.
I remember all the promises you broke,
And how I forgave you because I loved you and nothing was ever going to change that.
Don’t you remember?
How can you say you don’t believe me?
How can you tell me I don’t care?
You are my savior,
And you always will be.
You made me who I am today,
And no one can ever change that.
You were a major part of my life.
And part I will never forget,
And never regret.
And we will always have our differences,
Always have a wall there to stop us from ever having that connection again.
But I’m never going to stop.
My heart won’t let me.
No matter what anyone says,
Or anyone thinks,
You will always be my first love,
My first everything.
And when people ask me about you,
I will tell them,
“Sam is an amazing man, with a huge heart.”
No matter what you do to me,
Or what you think,
I’m always here,
Arms wide open,
And ready to let you in.
Because like I promised you before,
I will always love you,
And I’m not going to change that for anybody,
Not even you.
I know that I screwed up this time and I admit it.
But I hope one day,
You can find it in your heart,
To forgive me,
And realize that no matter what happens,
You always have me to lean on.
I told you forever once,
And I meant that,
Even if it is just a friendship.
And no matter what stupid thing the other one does,
I hope we are always able to look past it,
And give each other the love we both deserve.

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sparkofheart said...
May 15, 2010 at 3:20 pm
wow i seriously started tearing up that was really beautiful<3 great job :) i hope i can write something as powerful as that one day
brandyxmarie16 replied...
May 17, 2010 at 11:35 am
aww thank you so much:)
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