Laughing at HIm

April 26, 2010
By Anonymous

The need is strong.
I want it bad.
He wants it worse.
I want to give it to him.
He wants to take it from me.
We kiss; the room spins ever so slightly.
We touch; his hands float smoothly across my body.
We tangle our bodies together;
Melting together, becoming one.
We want it more than before;
Wanting to fulfill our every desire;
With no intent of stopping, until he has me fully;
My innocence, my pride, my every emotion controlled by him.
I stop.
He can’t have it.
I won’t give it up;
Knowing I can do better.
He begs me for it;
Looking to destroy my soul.
I kiss him and pull up;
Never am I going to give in.
He leans in for another kiss;
Only to find me detached.
I stand, slipping out of his grip;
The grip that made me feel so pressured.
He reaches out for me,
With that same pressured force, looking angry.
I turn and walk away;
Laughing at him for thinking he could take it.

The author's comments:
Keep what you know is yours. Don't give it up, because in the end you are the only person that will be there.

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