Why Do You Hate Me?

April 26, 2010
By Dustfingers DIAMOND, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dustfingers DIAMOND, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Love to be Loved"

Is it that hard to love me?

With each increasing day I wonder.

Is your heart at ease?

Is it in a slumber?

Your incapable of love and i've come to see that

You hide behind your pain and fail to realize it

I've wanted to knock down that wall that you've been building up. but you keep me out without remorse or redemption.

Your heart only aims to please yourself.

Not caring for your burdens in which your life is ecompassed with

I know you're in pain but why take it out on me?

Am I really that bad?
It there something I can't see?
There must be becuase everyone finds something wrong with me.

Maybe I am the reason you cannot love

Though I try time and time again
To be more than your burden I fail to win

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