April 26, 2010
The cool luscious breeze of a calm summer night,
The moon provides the darkness a luminous dim light.

The stars above guide the lost to find a way,
And give the brave warriors curtsey to see the next day.

The creatures in the darkness are all around, but no one sees,
The dangers at night that lurks beyond the trees.

The creeps of the dark are not fought by one, not two, not even three,
Even if you have a light you really never even, ever see.

The darkness is all over and in every place,
No one can run from his great deadly chase.

Darkness is not only within the night,
But it hides in the biggest and brightest of lights.

We see darkness as a cowering sensory scene,
But what we don’t know, all souls aren’t darkness clean.

We live in a world full of conniving ways,
Darkness can catch you in the simplest of ways.

From people you know, and for the ones you trust,
To deny the influence, it is a must.

We can’t comprehend how darkness was found,
There is a reason some stand on solid ground.

It chases you, and it taunts you until you give,
But you don’t realize you are giving up a life that could be lived.

You struggle and you strain with great force,
Never forget, darkness shares no remorse.

There are lost dreams that never find the way,
And many desires that just simply fade away.

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