Into The Fray

April 26, 2010
An extraordinary bond from you to me,
Devastated for the world to see
Your love shines to me like the stars,
It’s too bad we had to grow apart

I just wanted you to know,
I still feel the faintest glow
Inside this battered shell
A dim battery, with a single cell

I love you more than words could ever describe
Why did it have to die?
I thought our lives were meant to intertwine,
But little did I know,
It’d wither like pine

You filled me with the greatest emotions,
And even gave me lust filled notions,
You were really special to me,
Didn’t you know?

When you left me crying,
It crushed my soul,
Slowly disappearing, wasting, dying
It replayed in my mind
As a distraction
It made my eyes seem so blind

I’d never felt this before,
I just wish there was a cure
For I was sat in ruins, broken
Waiting for those three special words to be spoken

Little did I know?
That this time it was real
Nothing was all my body could feel
For once you solemnly walked away
That day,
It sent my heart away,
Into the fray

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