The Wild

April 25, 2010
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Man in nature belongs to and is ruled by
the irrevocable will of self-improvement
that arises in the solitude of the wilderness,
that is, man found in the most primeval of human conditions
thrives in the possibility of growth,
growth through strength and courage,
growth through nature,
for, found in that natural state
he throws himself in an endless search,
an endeavor for meaning and spirituality
to prove himself and to improve himself.

Therefore, bearing the mark of solitude upon him
he pushes his body and his mind
into a territory unknown and untrodden,
to break all limits,
boundaries and restrictions
imposed by the inevitable conditioning of society.

Alone in the wild he finds himself
deep into the innermost fiber of his humanity,
in the chore of his intellectuality;
Deprived of all luxury and unnecessary wealth
he wanders the land,
Unaided and bare, naked of all restraint,
With nothing but his own will
To make himself stronger and purer.

To lose oneself upon the most profound of situations,
to depart the rectitude of all roads and highways,
to make one’s way across the land,
that hard soil untamed and unaware
beyond the tempered eyes of men.

One must lose oneself first
in order to find oneself renewed,
greater and complete at the end of all journeys,
A great adventure towards meaning.

And so it is he learns from nature,
and by understanding the ways of nature
he understands the ways of being
and thus endures in the path
towards the achieving of spiritual fullness
and ultimate selfhood.

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