April 25, 2010
By Jessica Galvez BRONZE, Monroe, Connecticut
Jessica Galvez BRONZE, Monroe, Connecticut
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Only a slight invisibility separates our existence
Touch forbidden
Space encouraged
A force between our bodies stops our contact

A longing gaze
You return
With a spread hand on the window
I touch my fingers back
One by one
The glass may as well be concrete
Our fingers align
Our heartbeats follow suit
Attraction radiates through the glass like a magnet
With a force so strong
I gasp for breath

I stand
I spread my body against the glass
Helplessly longing for our romance
Why can’t I break through?
My cheek slides on the window as I turn my head
Hiding the painful tears
Of our division
I sit
My back is on the wall
My knees are to my chest
My head is in my hands

A tap on the glass
Turns my face
As your fingers draw
A line
A heart
A curve
I <3 U

Our eyes reacquaint
A strong gaze
Stronger than the glass between us
A silent kiss of hope and reassurance

A curtain falls
I fall
Our meeting has ended
The memory will withstand
The test of division
Until our next reunion

The author's comments:
My boyfriend was in the hospital with a virus, and I couldn't see him because I was on vacation. When he came home and I came home I wasn't allowed to have physical contact with him because he was still contagious. It inspired me to write about how you can feel so close to someone in spirit but so far away with the mere lack of physical contact.

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