Thank You

April 25, 2010
Before you, I didn't know what it was like,
what it was like to really love a simple hug,
to fall into a perfect kiss,
to have someone to painfully miss,
You gave me a sense of stability,
you were always there when things when wrong,
you're words to me melted into a song,
you were everything I leaned on.
All those days we shared together,
forever in my mind,
you were gentile, sweet, and kind.
But then you changed,
your personality was rearranged.
Confused and stuck I stood with worry,
hung on to every simple word.
But then, again you fell with grace,
back to the real you,
sweeter than ever, more handsome and clever.
Whatever happened I hope you're alright,
Thank you for coming back to life

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