Please Let Me Love You

April 25, 2010
The day I met you

I was unsure of everything that I knew in this world.

You put me in a state of awe.

You made my thoughts run wild

Question everything

Your eyes made me feel as if I could float

You held my hand

I shivered

I blushed bright red

What could I say after that day

I could not say anything

I had no words for that moment

At that moment you

Made it feel like

Time froze

That there was nothing else

In this world

Besides you and I

We danced slowly

We danced as if there was no ground

Just dancing upon air

You made me feel

Like I could do anything at that moment

Let me love you

My heart desires you

More than anything

That I have ever desired

Let me love you

Let me be the one who will always care

Let me love you

Please love me

Please let me be the girl of your dreams

Please let me be the one you have been searching for

I want to be her

I want to be the girl of your dreams

Let me love you

I looked into your soft blue eyes

You looked into my eyes

Let me love you…..

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