April 25, 2010
I made a decision today
a decision that I say I will stick by
But I won't
A promise I swear to keep
But a swear that'll be broken anyway
Because this promise
To stop holding this grudge I've carried
An invisible weight
Bearing me down
Wherever I go

Even though you hurt me bad
Betrayed my heart
Betrayed my trust

I'm not giving you power anymore
over my every thought
every breath
every action
I'm not going to fear the poisinous gossip leacking through your lips
Your scrutinous eyes
Your mocking sneer

I'm done
For good
It won't be easy
But your regime of terror has ended.

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writerscramp01 said...
Jul. 7, 2010 at 2:00 pm


write til you can't anymore, then pick up your pen and write some more!



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