Tentional Stress

April 25, 2010
I Love You. Just The Sight Of You Makes My Heart Melt. Your Smell Reminds Me Of That Dark Night So Long Ago. I Remember The Night Clearly. The Moonlight Trickled Down Into Pale Puddles Around Our Sweat Covered Bodies. Your Eyes Are Beautiful And Lumonous Like Sapphires, And To Ignorant Eyes, Blissfully Care Free. When I Look Into Those Misleading Sapphires, I Can Read Their True Story. All Night I Sleeplessly Dream Of How Things Used To Be. When You Held Me Close To Your Body And The Rythm Of Your Heart Was A Lullaby That Sung Me To Sleep. You Always Knew When My Reverie Was Sorrow Filled. My Eyes Can Be Misleading To. I've Done So Much To You, And You To Me. My Decision Will Hopefully Be The Right One, But Only Time Will Reveal If It Was. It May Be To Late By Then To Try And Reverse What Was Already Irreversable. All This Tentional Stress Will Break Me Apart. So Tell Me, How Do I Mend Our Broken Hearts?

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kitty27 said...
May 15, 2010 at 2:27 pm
that was deep and so touching. i read it while i was on the phone with my bestfriend/ex bf who still is in love with me and broke my heart
AngelBaby94 replied...
May 15, 2010 at 11:43 pm
I Wrote This Poem About My Ex. Thank You For Commenting.
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