Testimony Of A Dreamer

April 25, 2010
I am a dreamer.
My possibilities will not be diminished by your
Tactless, condescending remarks.
Nor will my horizon become narrow
Through your disgruntled looks of disapproval.
For my dreams give me wings to fly
High above the walls of your narrow minded
You think you know me?
You think you know every part?
Well you may be able to measure my IQ
But you can never measure my heart!
You tell me I will fail, I can
Never pass. Why? Because I have
To use my fingers to count in math class?

No, not me. How dare you try to
Put limitations of the capability of my mind.
For my mind is like an endless ocean of knowledge.
Whenever the tide recedes, it gives me time to breath.
New knowledge, new life. New perceptions, new sights.
And the waves come crashing back to the shore.
I am no longer only intelligent. I am even more.
I project my voice so that my words maybe perpetuated
Upon the deaf ears of those who doubt me.
For the judge me when they don’t know anything
About me.
So go ahead. Send the rejection letter.
Tell me I am not good enough. It only
Makes me better.
Once again I project my voice, so that my words will resound.
And in this closing statement I raise my fist in the air I utter the words that I’ve found.
I am a dreamer, and you will never, ever get me down!

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Balloonwriter said...
May 14, 2010 at 7:19 pm
this sounds really good. you use a lot of very strong words to make your statement. this is definitely something i can relate to (i use my fingers in math).
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