Character Creation

April 22, 2010
By ColorsofChaos13 SILVER, Southampton, Pennsylvania
ColorsofChaos13 SILVER, Southampton, Pennsylvania
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"I am not young enough to know everything"
"These are days we dream about, when sunlight paints us gold, and this apartment could noat be prettier as we danced up there alone."

My mind keeps straining
Something inside I won’t be containing
Tonight it’s all starting to appear
Like watercolors blending, the way in which I’ve always wanted
Nothing to fear cause the future’s nowhere near
I’m living in the now for today

Telling it frankly, I’ve got a whole lot to loose
See there’s been times I’ve had to choose
Between what I want and what I think I can get
For once I’m doing what I’ve set out to do: forget
Past is past, you learn live and relearn. Today feels alright.
The world’s self teach motto, once had me down crying
But I awoke, learned to observe, to stop dying
Inside, I started growing, a little sycamore tree
Taking what I got and making what I don’t
The once sickly bark has regrown new branches
Where some broken ones used to be

Some plot strands now twisting, into golden French braids
Like pastel stroking, I’m watching character’s play charades
They’re telling me secrets of their lives,
Begging ‘writer, please write me, where’s your pen?’

Floating in the sea of imagination, my own creation
Of worlds only present, exists and swims down shore
To the land of exploration,
The mother’s milk with no expiration
I’m sure I’ll be drinking up soon

And now I’ve got a story wider than this room
Filled with characters deeper than the sum of all doom
But brighter of course, like dandelions and flowers
My mind which is bark, is oozing sappy, creative crap.
It’s genius really, too bizarre for your mind to tap
Too geeky for your mainstream rappers to rap
So clap and shout
I’m without doubt.
I tell ya,
It’s going pretty great.

The author's comments:
Wrote this in a euphoric hurry. I know it's pretty wordy, but other criticism much appreciated!

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