This Is What I Get

April 22, 2010
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This is what I get
in return,
for being your only true friend,
the friend that had your back.
The friend that stood,
up to the meanies in this world.
The friend that made excuses for you.
This is what I get
for being your miracle,
the miracle that saved your butt
from suicide.
The miracle that got you off drugs,
the miracle that drove your sorry butt home when you were drunk,
more than wasted.
I worked two jobs to support you and your druggie friends.
I drove you to the hospital,
when you ODed.
I threw you parties for you,
even if I'm 5 years younger.
This is what I get
for letting my heart win,
letting your verbal and physical abuse, get to me.
When my peers asked to get out,
i made excuses for you,
saying you cant help it,
saying that you love me with all your heart,
you hit me because you love me,
because I love you.
When you change your emotions to quick,
you leave me stranded,
on a deserted island.
The change of the rollercoaster emotions,
makes my head spin,
till I vomit.
Makes my skin icy cold, and clammy,
beads of sweat escape my pores.
Sweating bullets,
nervous of what might happen next.
This is what I get
not physically but mentally.
I'm mentally dead.
I still walk the faces of the earth,
wide eyed,
and out of breath,
tired of the life I am living.
Deserving a better man,
that will treat me well.
A man that well treat me like royalty,
but I soon realized that werent dating,
we are cousins.
That lived together,
because our families and parents,
mysteriously died in several fires,
we were living as if we were married.
This is what I get
for taking you for granet.
I thought you were better than that,
I thought you were better than this.
This is what I get
you being dead,
you promised you would stop,
stop doing bad things.
Those bad things caught up to you,
you said, you were smarter,
Those bad things beat you,
they out runned you,
they killed you,
they murdered you in cold blood,
in your own blood.
You said you would be here forever,
with me,
you freakin lied.
I hope you rot and burn in hell.
This is what I get
for being in this life.
This is what I get
I feel pain.

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May 28, 2010 at 3:00 pm
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