Pain Starts To Fade.

April 22, 2010
The days are as cold as night,
And the sun just doesn't shine,
The clouds cover me with hurt,
And nothings the same as before.

I am constantly alone,
And I constantly cry,
I am constantly drying my eyes,
And I know exactly why.

These days are cold,
And lonely,
These tears they fall so hard,
And freely.

Do you feel this hurt?
Do you cry these tears?
Are you the same as me?
Are you lonely, or free?

It doesn't matter anymore,
The days are starting to warm,
It isn't the same as before,
The tears are starting away.

I don't live so miserably,
I've started to just not care,
I don't hurt so easily,
I've been hurt too bad before.

So I don't cry myself to sleep any longer,
And I lift my head up high,
So I can see the sun,
And I know I will survive.

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