My true soul

April 22, 2010
By xoxotiffylovexoxo BRONZE, New York, New York
xoxotiffylovexoxo BRONZE, New York, New York
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My true soul
I sing,
I speak,
I dance,
I run,
I love,
I hate,
I sing to the angels,
I speak to the trees,
I dance in the moonlight,
I run in the meadows,
I love you,
I hate my mistakes,
I think,
I thought,
I worship,
I believe,
I smile,
I frown,
I cry,
I laugh,
I think about the world and the beauty is has,
I thought that beauty was everything but maybe it isn’t,
I worship my heart and soul,
I believe in power and friendship,
I smile when my hearts shines,
I frown when something bad happens,
I cry when I am hurt,
I laugh when I am loved,
I imagine,
I create,
I change,
I argue,
I agree,
I imagine my world a perfect amazing world,
I create new things,
I change things to make then better,
I argue to get out my point,
I agree to show compassion,
I smell,
I touch,
I taste,
I see,
I feel,
I smell the beautiful beauty of the world,
I touch the ocean,
I taste the sweet taste of ripe fruit,
I see the flowers the trees and the world,
I feel special loved and cared for,
I am one,
And one can change the world.

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on Feb. 3 2011 at 1:06 pm
cra-zshow BRONZE, Lynden, Washington
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Favorite Quote:

i love this. its really good. it reminds me of life. how sme say its bad but tuely its not.


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