Just Like Leslie

April 22, 2010
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Dear Leslie
Just because I’m your sister
Doesn’t mean I am you
You cut
Because you couldn’t cope with the pain
You drank
Because your life wasn’t good enough sober
You smoked
To escape what was right in front of you

You put up walls
Because you couldn’t deal with yourself
Let alone expect somebody else to
You didn’t find yourself loveable
But I loved you to my very core

You yelled and caused fights
Because you never truly forgave him for hurting you
He’s moved on
And you’re still stuck
Rotting in your hatred, haunted
You have to forgive him
For your own sake if anything

You locked yourself up
And threw away the key
How am I supposed to find you
When you don’t want to be found
This isn’t a game of hide and seek

You lie
Like an actress reciting the lines
Knowing that the words aren’t your own
How do I believe you Leslie?
When all of it is untrue
I’m sorry, but I’m losing faith in you

I don’t mean to bash you Leslie
Because I love you
And I wouldn’t change you Leslie
I know I’m not perfect
And I’m not chasing after perfection
But I’m not frantically running away from it either
Like you did

Do you remember Leslie?
I used to follow you around
Persistent as ever
I wanted to be just like you
Now I realize all I wanted
Was to know you, to find you
But if you don’t want to be find
I will leave you alone
After all, this is no game of hide and seek

Leslie if I could make you see
There’s only so long
You can run away from me
Because I’m coming to find
That maybe
Maybe because I’m your sister Leslie
I’m just like you

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