If Only Walls Could Talk

April 22, 2010
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If walls could talk
They would tell you a story about a sad young woman
They would tell you how she cries every night
How she sheds tears for all she has lost,
Or thinks she has lost.

They would whisper into your ears about her ever-growing pain
If only walls could talk

If walls could talk
You would hear the tales of a young girl’s innocence stolen
Through constant disappointment, betrayal, and anguish.
How these cancerous things fill up her heart.
A heart that was once pure and overflowing with love
Now turns to stone, cracked with hatred and anger.
Her thoughts are now clouded with rage towards those who turned their backs on her.
Those whom purposefully turned a blind eye on her shrill cries.
If only walls could talk.

If walls could talk .
You would shudder at her insane mumblings.
Your body shrinking away from her suicidal thoughts,
Not that you would ever see her wrists blood.
Unlike others, she admits to herself,
That she’s too much of a coward to take her own life.
The only thing that bleeds is her shattered heart.
Your own cold hearts would boil at her chilling screams,
Calling out for love and comfort.
If only walls could talk.

If walls could talk.
They would tell you about the miracle that occurred one night.
Her once drenched, suddenly becoming absent of tears.
They would tell you about the many pieces of her heart,
Being sewn back together by some unseen force.
You would hear about all traces of pain, grief,
Anger and betrayal wiped away.
The dark holes left in her battered spirit being replaced.
Her spirit now stronger than ever before.
If by a miracle these walls could talk.

If these walls could talk
They would speak in awe-filled voices
Describing the Heavenly Father’s presence
Wrapped around the young girl’s trembling body.
Comforting and fixing all the damage wrongfully done to her.
They would tell you how the tears turned from pain
To joy and thankfulness.
Her screams turning to shouts of praise.
If only these walls could talk, they would tell you of God’s goodness.

But walls don’t talk because that is not their purpose, its ours.
Our testimonies keep others in constant remembrance

Always there to pick us up when we’re down
Keeping our backs protected and showing us the right way.
It’s our choice whether or not to let him.
Hold us close to him or push him away and dwell in our misery.

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