So Deceptive

April 22, 2010
In the
Of my
I honestly
Can’t just
Understand why
Why you had to take
The heart that was
Once just mine and
Only was mine. You
Can’t have everything
You are always asking for
Things you shouldn’t have and
Shockingly, you get them from
The one who truly loves the
Way you smile and how
Your eyes dance against waves of
Oceans and Atlantic flowers in deep
Shades of red and blue. I honestly
Can’t ever understand the way your mind
Works the way it does, taking whatever
It may desire from the innocent beings
You prey upon. They give you everything
They have to give. They sell their souls
To an unworthy owner. And naturally just when they
Trust the warmth of your pale fingers on their skin
You leave
Taking their hearts
And their soft souls

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