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Those who are in the IN crowd are the same
Those who are the same have the same identity.
Those who are different have identification.

But even those in the IN crowd have differences

And if those differences are exposed the person is rejected.
And when they are rejected.

They come to us.

The different.
The ones with the difference that make us separate than the rest.
The differences that make us united.

We are not one of many but we are many of one.
We talk, we act, we speak, we dress differently.
We do not “fit” in, so we create our own IN crowd.

No matter the difference.
No matter the sexual preference.
No matter the past, present, or the future.
No matter the fashion or lack of coordination.
No matter the difference you are accepted.

There is no reason to hate.
There is no reason to discriminate.
There is no reason to throw someone down because they are not like you.

We are a country of differences.


Stop with the discrimination.
Stop with the hatred.
Stop with hurting.
Stop with the pain.

Start with the helping
Start with the healing
Start with the caring
Start with the love

So to you in the “IN” crowd
Stop being afraid.
Its okay to be different.
Its okay to have a personality
Its okay to dress differently
Its okay to look different
Its okay to speak differently
Its okay you like the same sex

No matter the person you are, you are still a human.
No different the me or the next person

If you are afraid of change because of your friends
If you are afraid because of what the will think of you
Then are they really friends?
Friends would accept you no matter what

Now you may walk out of here unchanged
You may walk out of here and not have listened at all
But if you have been changed and did listen the listen to this

So I say this: It is the difference that makes US the same.
In order to be the same, to feel the same, to be accepted as the same.
You must be different.
You must change.
There is no “COOL” thing.
There is only what is and what is going to be.

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