Yes, No, Maybe So?

April 14, 2010
He loves me no,
He loves me so,
She repeated to herself over,
And over.
But as she picked apart the flower,
She decided to no longer coware.
I love you so,
Is what she said,
And no longer did she feel dead.
Some weight was lifted,
And something had shifted...
She felt better then ever before.
No more,
Did she have to hide.
I love you no, is what he said,
And she cried an cried,
Upon her bed.
As she shed her last tear,
She said oh dear,
We're done, we're through,
As she knew,
There was no chance,
At a romance.
And so she said good-bye...
Although she couldn't deny,
That her heart,
Had shattered,
But she pretended it didn't matter.

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