Pink, Blue Color He Wants

April 14, 2010
By AutumnlovesAustin BRONZE, Wynne, Arkansas
AutumnlovesAustin BRONZE, Wynne, Arkansas
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Light as death
Happiest little song
the one I loved
has something wrong

He hopes its pink
so it could be pride
joy; blue man-o-man
what a boy

Ten to two when it
comes out his smile
and eyes will be the
night sky just so high

Tan skin, brown hair
green eyes just like
and daughter

No one knows the pain
I feel watching his
life fly by just a
look and a glance

He has no time to dance
three in the morning
up way to early
crying just so loud

Yet that daddy is proud
time to tuck that tyke in
the night sky is high
just like daddy's eyes

The tree sings a song
and next thing you know
everything is gone
the crying as gone away

Not a sound comes out
that bedroom door
mommy and daddy
six years apart

They hear there hearts
knowing now that pink is
the color they want
to hold in there hands.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by my best friend,Logan.

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