The Mirror Of Truth

April 14, 2010
By ImYourPincess SILVER, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
ImYourPincess SILVER, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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The things that have to be spoken
The things she needs to say
The thing inside her heart
That voice,
Just needs to find its way.

She's hurt her emotions by always
Burying them
Putting them away,
Deep down inside.

She doesn't want to have this fight.
She doesn't want to face it all this moment.
And nor do I.
I don't want to hear that secret that she has tried to hide all along.
Can't bare the thought,
She knows that it will hurt me.
She does care.
To know she's been lost within this trap
Within this dark, stormy path.

And for so long she has not seen the
Light Of Truth.
She's afraid
She's afraid of what she will see.
If she does see it
Sometimes though she does see some
Glimpses of the light.
The Light of Truth.
And she see those memories of good times,
All those times when things were right,
That I have held on to so strongly.

She has seen those dark circles around my eyes.
Those dark depressing circles,
From all those nights I've cried
Myself to sleep.
And inside those deep purple circles,
What she sees is longing.
Longing for the truth to come out.
And below,
My soft honey eyes
Is my heartbroken smile
For I always,
Try to make everyone else's
Day just a tad brighter
Even when I can't make my own lighter.

Whenever I look at her I'm afraid
She doesn't want me to see what I fear is the same.
Those same dark circles around the blank eyes,
Those same longing, sadness in the eyes,
The same heartbroken smile.

What she has seen, she can no longer hide.
For what she's done in her past,
She can no longer keep as a secret.

She's seen me pray,
My soft spoken and hopeful words.
She's afraid of even God's power,
Can't save her from this monster.
Has she lost her faith?
I've always looked at her with gentle eyes,
And say these soft words;
"You're not truly free,
For all you are is like a bird in a clear captive world.
You're not truly freed.
Just alone."

I always say those soft words to her whenever I see her
In the Mirror.

Maybe that’s why we have so many things,
In common.

Maybe that’s why we have so many
Broken mirrors,

She can't stand this truth.
Because this Girl is me.

The author's comments:
"Maybe that’s why we have so many
Broken mirrors"

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