Caged Light

April 14, 2010
By , New York, NY
I am a caged tiger. My black stripes gleam under the bright lights. Thousand pairs of eyes see me everyday but do not notice my strength because I am trapped.

The metal bars surround me mocking and laughing at my current cave. My tears are dried. My scars have healed physically but, deep inside every inscribed scar is deep and fresh.

I sleep most of the day waiting for my freedom. There is no point roaring for the spectators laugh at my stupidity. They know that there is no way.

I dream of the days when I walked freely as a young cub…when tigers were majestic and humans feared our power…when no human could touch or even come near our presence.

Those days are gone.

But there will be a day when we animals will roam again. Not as mere creatures, but the wonderful, mighty beasts God created.

For when the day come, nature will strike back for the sins that saturated the land. No humans will have a breath left to mock and hate. They will scream in horror and regret at the ruin they made.

And light will triumph once again.

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