April 14, 2010
By ShereneT BRONZE, New Hyde Park, New York
ShereneT BRONZE, New Hyde Park, New York
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I look and see,
All around me,
Flowers blooming,
Birds singing,
The sun’s light
A little too bright
But what I saw was-
A delicate little creature
With it’s lithe wings
It moved in such a grace,
That I couldn’t give it enough praise

Then two--
There were too many to count
So many colors!
I thought in wonder
So beautiful that-
If I could pause a special moment in my life-
It would be this
But then one of Them
Was floating towards me
What do I do?
Move further back or try to catch it?
Instead I just stood there,
Enjoying every second of it
Spring brings so many wonderful things--
I watched the flowers bloom,
The birds sing,
The sun slowly disappearing,
And finally--
The pretty little creatures,
Flying away,
Until tomorrow comes-

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