Relationships Are Roller Coasters

April 14, 2010
By London BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
London BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Tie my seat belt,ready for the ride
Taking forever to start
Sweat is drenching my forehead

Up im going slowly
Approaching the top, my heart is beating
Looking at the tracks ahead
Seems as though it's going to last forever

Coming down is the best
Scared yet ready to move forward
In action, my tummy dropped to my knees
But I took it

Tears come to my eyes as the ride slows
Thinking it was coming to an end
I look up and see that there's another drop
Another experience starts

Up, Up, Up
Another drop again
I'm yelling and screaming, But loving the ride
Working up a headache

Its almost over as the ride comes to a stop
I am ready to get off
Unfasten my seatbelt
Ready for the next experience

Tired of the same ride
The same drops
And the same screams
The same tracks

Others getting on,
"Be careful with this ride " ,

Seems good in the beginning
But it's the same method over an over again
Time for another coaster,hopefully I'll like it to the end

The author's comments:
This piece is for alot of relationships in the world. We as teenage girls( most of us) take relationships seriously but teenage boys don't so therefore our relationships dont last. My opinion is dont get stuck on one boy/coaster as stated in the poem.

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