April 14, 2010
That blankie
Knit together perfectly by the old seamstress
It had nine vibrant colors,
Blue, red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, green, magenta, and grey
She knew that it would fall into the right person’s hands
She had a feeling in her gut that it would bring joy to someone’s life

It brought everything she had dreamt about
To a little girl named Sue
Sue was 8 years old when her parents gave it to her
“A blankie, a blankie! I have always wanted one!”

Sue brought that blankie with her everywhere she went,
From playing hopscotch with her friends
To making string bracelets on hot summer days

On Blankie’s first birthday, the blue began to wear away
It unraveled very slowly as Sue wrapped it around her finger as it tore apart
Sue tucked it under her bed in a box that read “Blankie”
Sue wasn’t torn apart
As she had 8 more colors to share her memories with

When Blankie turned two, the red string began to unthread
She followed the exact steps she took on Blankie’s last birthday
And gave the blue string under her bed a friend

That blankie
It changed little Sue’s life
It brought her to tears when she had to leave it to go to school
And made her jump for joy when she got to hug it when she came home

Seven years had gone by now
Sue was now 16
And Blankie was down to just grey
Even as Sue grew older, she kept Blankie close to her
And put the colors that had fallen off into the box under her bed

“Your birthday is tomorrow, I hope it’s not your last,”
Sue said while holding the remnants of Blankie
Sue stayed up all night
Thinking about all of the memories
That her and Blankie had shared

The next day rolled around in the blink of an eye
And the last piece of Blankie tore apart in her hands
Sue held it tight
Tighter than she had ever held something before
It was her last moment with Blankie
She stared at Blankie one last time
And watched as it slowly came apart before her eyes
Sue took the ends of the grey string and rolled it into a ball
Sue put the ball in the box labeled “Blankie”
And placed it back under her bed

Blankie stays in Sue’s heart
And is with her through all of her life
Whenever Sue is lost,
Blankie always leads Sue back home
It doesn’t matter to Sue that Blankie is now gone
Because its spirit remains in her and Sue knows that

Sue is now 35,
With an 8 year old of her own
And Sue gave her daughter a blankie
From the little old seamstress
Who started it all

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