April 14, 2010
My ego blocks out my thoughts
I lose everything that iv'e been taught
I stand immovable like a rock
The city seems so senseless
My teachers leave me restless
My pose says don't mess with this

I don't think twice before i act
My dad think's i am wack
What's this kid doin, where is he at
Mom see's beyond looks
She knows i wont end up with crooks
Man i dont know where to start
I'm speaking from the heart

When i get in trouble you know, i feel that i should run, not stoppin no directions just headin towards the sun
Maybe even sometimes treating myself like number one

Sometimes I'm not right
even though, i put up a fight
No one see's whats in my sight
Going crazy, that i might

Lay down my prayers, I always kneel open myself up, remove the seal
but whatever, my rhymes are real.

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