Dear Tiger

April 14, 2010
I miss you
I miss the way
Your lips felt
On mine
How our hearts
Beat when we
How I could say,
"I love you."
With no doubt
In my heart
That I do
And hear it
Be returned
From you to me
How we held
Each other
In the
Midist of all this
How you,
My love
Were so sweet
And everything
Was set so
I've neber
Been trated
But you've
Made up
For all those
How I have
Never even
Be accepted
By my own
How you accept me
My flaws
And my shining moments
Shine so much brighter
With you there
Now I yearn for your return
To see your
Look into
Those beautiful eyes
Of yours
And know I'm
We're safe
Form the horrors
Of this world
And Know I am loved
To know
We'll always
Be together
I want
To return home
And know your
So I can
See your
In which
I'll recieve
As my own,
Dear Tiger

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