Don't Lose the Past

April 14, 2010
By CortneyG2010 BRONZE, Waynesville, Ohio
CortneyG2010 BRONZE, Waynesville, Ohio
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I remember,
the day you asked me
what is wrong?

I remember,
that I poured my secrets on you,
like a raging waterfall.

I remember,
telling you what I
had been through.

And I remember,
you crying
over my pain.

I remember,
you swearing
to protect me

I remember,
the day you vowed
to avenge me.

I remember,
you protecting me,
keeping him away.

And I remember,
when you first loved me.

But the question is,
Do you remember me?

The author's comments:
This poem is me speaking out to the first real boyfriend I had after I was molested my sophomore year, it is just me trying to find out if he still remembers everything he's done for me; as well as what I have gone through.

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