What I Love About You

April 14, 2010
Your eyes and smile,
Are that of heaven,
Your laugh and strong arms,
Take me to a safe haven.

Your stubborn ways and anger issues,
Are just some of many reasons in which I care for you,
Your family is so loving,
Your talents are so many,
Your a man of your word.

I love how you love me,
And the carefree way in which you hold me,
It's a perfect mold made just for me,
And me only.

Your gentle touch,
Your love of the game,
Your passion and pride,
Are qualities that will forever remain.

The kid at heart,
The physical strength,
Sentimental and bold,
Your my kind of sweettart.

All the love in the world,
Couldn't quite sum it up,
Your my miracle cure,
My ideal coca in a cup.

So in the end I hope your all mine,
All mine and no one can define,
The love we feel,
For I believe that we can be extrodinary together,
Rather than ordinary apart.

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