Credo On Cars

April 14, 2010
By utrocks7777 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
utrocks7777 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Credo on Cars

I believe that cars are works of art

Exhaust notes can be better than symphonies

Classics will always be cool

A tough car means a tough driver

The more horsepower the merrier

Hard lines and graceful ones can both inspire

Burnouts will always put a smile on my face

A good car chase in any movie instantly makes it better

Cars can be more iconic and influential than the people who drive them

Names like Shelby and Roush can be mentioned with the likes of Picasso and Da Vinci

The faster the better

Dreams of young men are filled with them

They are meant to be driven not shown like a dog

No other relationship between man and machine can ever equal what we have with cars

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